Tim, from Syria

© Mirjam Offringa

Does the association with the word 'Asylum seeker' change, when you dress and photograph them as rolemodels in a modern or professional magazine? 

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Al shabir,

from Eritrea

© Mirjam Offringa


from Servia

© Mirjam Offringa




© Mirjam Offringa

Al Shafee,

from Southern Sudan.

© Mirjam Offringa

Trinh Quan from Vietnam

© Mirjam Offringa

Scouting, styling, photography and editing by Mirjam Offringa.

With many thanks for sponsoring/support:

Shoes -   Schuurman schoenen

Clothes - 4Men Fashion, Roden

Guitar -  Janke Brands

COA -     AZC Drachten & Musselkanaal

          And all the great models vollunteering for this project.