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The leading question for the workshop 'Storytelling' given by Mirjam:

What is reality?

Pfffff... what a difficult question! A philosophic one.

Did you know that we see through our eyes and listen with our ears, but that this is all directed by our brains?

Nowadays this question is more important than ever before, as everybody can tell and show their own stories by just using an app on their mobile phones. They spread it on Social Media or even in the news! Nowadays even the journalistic media is using video's and pictures made by amateurs! 

To understand and recognize the differences between true or false, we will play with this in this workshop by choosing between a story about what you observe or discovered or what you want us to believe that is true

Wanna hear or read more? Contact Mirjam, pressing the button below.

Skills We will improve the philosophic thinking, digital skills, media wisdom, communication, creative thinking, solving problems, working together, learn how to build up a story, learn to write & present a story, to film & to edit. 

For who? Childeren group 7/8 at the primary school or teenagers at                                group 1/2/3 at college

Time? This workshop will take 4-5 hours (1 schoolday)

Price? € 325,00 (VAT free)

About Mirjam


Mirjam learned to act herself at the TRAP in Amsterdam, to film, direct and edit at the OPEN STUDIO in Amsterdam, to develop workshops at the Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten (BIK, Beroepskunstenaar in de Klas) and developed several workshops about animation and storytelling by film. She worked for FILMHUB NOORD, KEUNSTWURK FRIESLAND, DE LAWEI CULTUUREDUCATIE and many others. 

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