Curriculum Vitae

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Time (yearmonthday)/ Exhibition:

20200426 - starting 20200315

Groupexhibition: 'Free!?'

Pictura, St. Walburgstr. 1, Groningen, The Netherlands

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20191117 - starting 20191020

Groupexhibition: 'LUST(rum) 5 jaar'

Melklokaal, Heremaweg 20-1, Heerenveen, The Netherlands

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20190818 - starting 20190720

Groupexhibition 'Open Stal 2019'

Oldeberkoop, The Netherlands

20181007 - starting 20180909

Groupexhibition: 'Frisian Milkshake LF2018'

Melklokaal, Heremaweg 20-1, Heerenveen, The Netherlands

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20180831 - starting 20180701

Groupexhibition: Popinnart

at the erstwhile cinema in Amsterdam East Side, Middenweg 20,  

the Netherlands.

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20180603 - starting 20180331

Exhibition in the Wallhouse #2 

part of the Groninger museum, Groningen, the Netherlands

20170409- starting 20170217

Exhibition of the video 'Contact' (21th Century) reflecting 

El Greco's masterpiece (16th Century).

At the New Church, Damsquare, Amsterdam, the Netherlands



20170422 - starting 20170201

Solo exhibition with the video-installation 'Focus'

In the cella of the CBK (Centre for visual arts) Groningen, the Netherlands



20170323 - starting 20170309

Joining the group-exhibition and discussion about 'Copyrights', organized by autonomous photograper and teacher Andrea Stultiens.

At the Art Academy Minerva, Groningen, the Netherlands.




Winner of the Van Lanschot Art Prize 2016




Nominated for the Van Lanschot Art Prize 2016



20160616-starting 20160517

Solo exhibition with Asylumseeker's pitch

At DUO, Groningen, the Netherlands.



20151220 - starting 20151218

Group exhibition, called 'It's cold outside'

for the WinterWelfareFestival 2015

at Peter ter Braak's arttrade, Groningen, the Netherlands



20150524 - starting 20150508

Group exhibition, called 'Ephemerality',

at WG Art, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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20150525-starting 20150209

Solo exhibition in the Groninger Forum,

with a public interview on 20150319

Here the project 'Asylumseeker's pitch!' was presented on trays howled by bumpy stickers.




Solo-presentation with ‘A state of mind’, during a new  years event, organized for the civilians in the Martini hall of Groningen, the Netherlands (NL).



20121019 – from 20120611                    

Group exhibition, called ‘Healthy Ageing’, 

in the entrance hall of the UMCG (University Medial Centre of Groningen, the Netherlands).



2012 the whole summer                        

Group Exhibition, at the 'Summer exhibition 2012' (Zomerexpo),

at the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag (The Hague, the Netherlands).

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20120318 – from 20120311                  

Group exhibition, called ‘Where the heart is”.

at the Artcafé (Kunstcafé), Oosterwolde (NL).



20111016 – from 20110924                  

Group exhibition, called ‘HRSNSPNSLS” (The vowels of the Dutch word for 'the figment of the imagination')

at the Oosterhamrik, Groningen (NL).



20111013 – from 20110910                    

Group exhibition, called ‘Young talents in Groningen in 2011, #2”,

at Gallery North (Gallerie Noord), Groningen, the Netherlands

A Satellite programm of the Noorderlicht Photo Manifestation 2011.



20100708 – from 20100703                

Group exhibition of the academy of Arts, Minerva, Groningen (NL).

Succeeded  with photography ('A state of Mind').



20100123 – from 20100116                  

Group exhibition, called ‘Work in progress’

At the ACF (Amsterdam Centre for Photography), Amsterdam (NL)



20081223 – from 20081217                

Group exhibition, called 'TheOutsidelightInside' (BuitenlichtBinnen)

In a historical factory in Groningen, the Netherlands




That day the videos ‘WIND’and ‘R&B’ and an interview with Mirjam have been shown in the cinemaroom of the Groninger museum, Groningen (NL). 




Mirjam joined the festival for one minute movies, called:

‘the Sixtysecondstatements’

with two one minute movies, ‘WIND’ and 'R&B', 

at the arthouse-cinema 'Images' in Groningen (NL).








2010 - present

2010 - present


September 2020 till july 2022

Master of education in the arts

Hanzehogeschool Groningen in joint degree with NHL Stenden and

the Faculty of Arts of the University of Groningen, the Netherlands.


September 2017 till july 2018

BIK (Beroepskunstenaar in de klas)/Art education for children at primary schools

AHK, Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten/Art Academy Amsterdam


July 2014 – from march 2014                   

Lessons in making short fiction and non-fiction video’s.

Open Studio, Amsterdam, the Netherlands (NL).



May 2014 – from September 2013            

Journalism (reporting/portraits/columns/essays/investigative).

School for professional Writing, Groningen, NL. 



July 2010 – from September 2005          

Autonomous visual arts 

Academy of Arts, Groningen (Minerva), NL.



December 2009 - from oct. 2009          

‘En scene portraits’, coached by Miloushka Bokma,

ACF (Amsterdam Center of Photography),the NL.



November 2008                                    

Photography techniques for the advanced,

Fotoschool (department of the Academy of Photography)

Groningen, the Netherlands



May 2005                                                

Video basics (filming, editing etc.),

Open Studio, Amsterdam (NL)



June 2003 - from sept. 2001                    

Acting for film and theatre 

'De Trap', Amsterdam (NL).