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Curriculum Vitae

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Time (yearmonthday)/ Exhibition:


Group exhitibion Summersaloon Royal TIME

CBK South East, Amsterdam

Info: >>

202300830 - 20230616

Group exhibition: 'FromtheInsidetotheOutsideRecycling"

WG Kunst, Amsterdam  

Info: ≥≥


20230910 - 20230205

Group exhibition: 'Groninger Light"

MOW, Museum de Oude Wolden, Bellingwolde 

Info: ≥≥

20220703 - 20220616

Group exhibition: 'Noord nu #2"

The garderner school, Majoor van Swietenlaan 15, Frederiksoord, The Netherlands

Info >>

20200315 - 20200426

Group exhibition: 'Free!?'

Pictura, St. Walburgstr. 1, Groningen, The Netherlands

Info >>

20191020 - 20191117

Group exhibition: 'LUST(rum) 5 years'

Melklokaal, Heremaweg 20-1, Heerenveen, The Netherlands

Info >>



20190720 - 20190818 

Group exhibition 'Open Stable 2019'

Oldeberkoop, The Netherlands

20180909 - 20181007

Group exhibition: 'Frisian Milkshake LF2018'

Melklokaal, Heremaweg 20-1, Heerenveen, The Netherlands

Info >>

20180701 - 20180831 

Group exhibition: Popinnart

at the erstwhile cinema in Amsterdam East Side, Middenweg 20,  

the Netherlands.

Info >>

20180331 - 20180603

Solo exhibition in the Wallhouse #2 

part of the Groninger museum, Groningen, the Netherlands

20170217 - 20170409

Solo exhibition with the video 'Contact' (21th Century) reflecting 

El Greco's masterpiece (16th Century).

At the New Church (Nieuwe Kerk), Damsquare,

Amsterdam, the Netherlands



20170201 - 20170422 

Solo exhibition with the video-installation 'Focus'

In the cella of the CBK (Centre for visual arts) Groningen, the Netherlands



20170309 - 20170323 

Joining the group exhibition and discussion about 'Copyrights', organized by autonomous photograper and teacher Andrea Stultiens.

At the Art Academy Minerva, Groningen, the Netherlands.




Winning the Van Lanschot Art Prize 2016

At the New Church (Nieuwe Kerk) in Amsterdam


20161001 -  20160901

Nominated for the Van Lanschot Art Prize 2016



20160517 - 20160616

Solo exhibition with Asylumseeker's pitch

At DUO (The official governmental service for scholarships in the Netherlands), Groningen, the Netherlands.


20160901 - 20161130

Joining the sale with 'It's cold outside' at

Richard ter Borg, Groningen, the Netherlands


20151218 - 20151220

Group exhibition, called 'It's cold outside'

for the WinterWelfareFestival 2015

Peter ter Braak's art trade, Groningen, the Netherlands


20150508 - 20150524 

Group exhibition, called 'Ephemerality',

at WG Art, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Info: >>


20150209 - 20150525

Solo exhibition at the public libary of the Groninger Forum,

with a public interview on 20150319

About the project 'Asylumseeker's pitch!




Solo-presentation with ‘A state of mind’, during a new  years event, organized for the civilians in the Martini hall of Groningen, the Netherlands (NL).



20120611 - 20121019                     

Group exhibition, called ‘Healthy Ageing’, 

at the exhibitional space of the UMCG (The Academic Medical Centre of Groningen, the Netherlands). Together with other alumni of the academy of arts, Minerva, Groningen.


2012 the whole summer                        

Group Exhibition, at the 'Summer exhibition 2012' (Zomerexpo),

at the Kunstmuseum Den Haag (Art museum The Hague, the Netherlands). Info: >>



20120311 - 20120318                 

Group exhibition, called ‘Where the heart is”.

at the Artcafé (Kunstcafé), Oosterwolde (NL).



20110924  - 20111016                  

Group exhibition, called ‘HRSNSPNSLS” (The vowels of the Dutch word for 'the figment of the imagination')

at the Oosterhamrik, Groningen (NL), the Netherlands.



20110910 - 20111013                    

Group exhibition, called ‘Young talents in Groningen in 2011, #2”,

at Gallery North (Gallerie Noord), Groningen, the Netherlands

A Satellite programm of the Noorderlicht Photo Manifestation 2011.



20100703  - 20100708                

Group exhibition of the academy of Arts, Minerva, Groningen (NL).

As final exam. Succeeding with photography ('A state of Mind').



20100116  - 20100123 

Group exhibition, called ‘Work in progress’

At the ACF (Amsterdam Centre for Photography), Amsterdam (NL)



20081217  - 20081223                

Group exhibition, called 'The Outside Light Inside' (BuitenlichtBinnen)

In a historical factory at the Eemskanaal NZ, Groningen,

the Netherlands




That day the, for the sixtysecondsstatementsfestival nominated, videos ‘WIND’ and ‘R&B’ and an interview with Mirjam have been shown in the cinemaroom of the Groninger museum, Groningen (NL). 



Nominated with two videos for the one minute movies festival:'the Sixtysecondstatements’ with the videos ‘WIND’ and 'R&B', 

at the arthouse-cinema 'Images' in Groningen (NL).

2010 - present

2010 - present


September 2020 - august 2021

Master in education in arts (MA)

Hanzehogeschool, Art academy Groningen, in a joint degree with NHL Stenden and

the Faculty of Arts of the University of Groningen (RUG), the Netherlands.


September 2017 - August 2018

BIK (Visual Artists in the Classroom)

Art education (Post graduate)

AHK, Amsterdam Art Academy, The Netherlands (NL)


March - July 2014                   

Lessons in making short non fictional and fictional film.

Open Studio, Amsterdam (NL).



September 2013 - may 2014            

Journalism (reporting/portraits/columns/essays/investigative).

School for professional Writing, Groningen (NL). 



September 2005 - august 2010          

Autonomous visual arts (Bachelor)

Minerva, Academy of Arts, Groningen (NL).



October - december 2009          

Workshop 'En scene portraits’, coached by Miloushka Bokma,

ACF, Amsterdam Center for Photography, (NL).

November 2008                                    

Lessons in photography: techniques for the advanced

Academy for professional photography (Fotogram),Groningen (NL).


May 2005                                                

Video basics (filming, editing etc.),

Open Studio, Amsterdam (NL)


September 2001  - july 2003                

Acting for film and theatre 

'De Trap', parttime actingschool Amsterdam (NL).






Working as a videodirector, photograper, journalist and producer


For more info, take a look at the other website, for applied arts, called TAPED >>  





May 24th

LKC de Linde, Eenrum (Gr.) in order of the Kunstkerk het Hogeland:

  • workshops film all day long for grade 3 till 8. 

March 21 till April 12

Several Grammar Schools in the municipality of Noordenveld (Drenthe, NL), as part of the culture menu of the Art & Culture Foundation (K&C, Assen):

  • 15 workshops ' I see, I see' for infants (age 5 and 6). 

February 21th till 23rd

VHS SINGELLAND (all grades of the VMBO), Drachten (Friesland) in order of the De Lawei, Drachten(NL):

  • 3 workshops 'Mix with media' during their Beating Heart Festival.


October 26th till December 9th

De Lawei, Drachten(NL):

  • 21 workshops 'Action Drawing' given to 21 groups of 8-28 toddlers and children of the 3rd, 4rd and 5th grade of several primary schools (including special primary schools). 

June 6th till October 12th:

Art & Culture founding (stichting Kunst & Cultuur, Assen)

  • 'Speeddates' with Internal Culture Coordinators of several primary schools in June, to give answers and possible solutions to their questions and doubts;

  • 19 workshops 'I see, I see' for groups of 18-28 toddlers (pre-school) at seveal primary schools in the Noordenveld Township (Drenthe), from september 6th till october 12th

Februari till may

Keunstwurk and Film in Friesland(NL):

  • Developing a training for teachers of a grammar schools in Friesland (pilot) to develope their knowledge and skills towards filmeducation.


OBS Stidalschool Dalerveen(NL):

  • Searching with teachers for solutions how to integrate photography in their lessons and for all grades of their primary school. And giving two workshops for some inspiration and further thinking.

February 3rd till April 19th

De Lawei, Drachten(NL):

  • 34 workshops made for and given to different levels of 14 grammar schools in Friesland (NL). From 'action drawing' for toddlers till 'Mixed Media' for children of the 3rd and 4th grade

  • 4 workshops autonomous photography for the 3rd grade VMBO-students (High school)

  • 3 workshops autonomous photography for 4th grade VWO-students (High School).

  • 3 Workshops 'autonomous photography' given in the Englisch language for 4th year college students in the Netherlands and Spain (International programm of the Gomarus College in Drachten).


De Lawei, Drachten(NL):

  • 16 workshops 'autonomous photography' and 4 workshops 'Mixed Media' during the 'Get to know art days' to 1th, 2nd and 3rd year students of the VHS Singelland college in Drachten (NL).





ICO Assen (NL):

  • Explaining a game (10 times) with a green screen-tool to High School students, during Start2Play at podium Zuidhaege in Assen and motivating and supporting the students during the game. That day ICO Assen organized serveral plays to help students to recognize the influence of image manipulation nowadays to therewith improve their media wisdom.

November 5th:

Lawei, Drachten (NL):

  • 5 workshops Photography during the Day of Arts, organized by the Lawei, for 5 groups with 19-26 Pedagogy students. 

September - november

Artpoint (Kunstpunt) Groningen (NL):

  • a presentation on a high school (Kamerlingh Onnes) in Groningen about the amazing artwork 'Wervel' from Nicky Assmann 

  • 8 short presentations at Forum Groningen about the amazing artwork 'Wervel' from Nicky Assmann for 8 groups of 15-21 students of several high schools

  • 4 guided tours in the neighbourhood of ArtPoint (Kunstpunt) Groningen, for 4 groups of 15-18 students comming from several high schools. To observe statues and other 3D artworks in the city precisely and having conversations about it.

August - november

DAF Assen & Gieten (NL):

  • 4 workshops "create your own after effects" for children age 7-12

  • 2 workshops "stop motion' for children age 9-12

August 4th

Art sense (kunstkriebels) Biotoop Haren (NL):

a workshop Mixed Media Art for Children age 7 - 11


June - July

De Lawei, Drachten

Helping out the teacher and the children of group 8 of the O.D.S. Finneblom in Boornbergum making and finishing the farewell movie (filming, directing and editing)


Artpoint (Kunstpunt) Groningen (NL):

Designing a new guided tour and theme for VMBO (High School) students, year 2&3.

March - may

Art & Culture (K&C) Assen - Groningen (NL):

  • 35 Workshops "Photography, art and perspective" for children, group 1&2, from all (19) grammar schools in the Noordenveld municipality.

February - march

The art departement of the Public Libary of Hoogeveen (NL):

  • 17 workshops "Mixed Media Art" for children, group 3&4, 5&6 and 7.


October and november

Artpoint (Kunstpunt) Groningen (NL) in collaboration with NorthernLight (Noorderlicht)

  • Designing and presenting interactive guided tours, observing photo and video installations of artists who were joining the Noorderlicht Photomanifestation 2019 (Theme: TAXED TO THE MAX). Designed for children age 12-20.

April and october

At K38, Roden (NL)

  • 6 lessons The basic techniques of photography for adults.


Artpoint (Kunstpunt) Groningen (NL)

  • Researching the pilot 'Art in the underground' at the Montessori Lyceum (highschool) in Groningen. After that Mirjam has rewritten the art educative programm and guide for this level.

Februari 5th - mid april 

Artpoint (Kunstpunt) in collaboration with Forum Groningen (NL)

  • Starting the Kick Off of the pilot 'Art in the underground' for students of the Montessori Lyceum (highschool) in Groningen. Teaching and inspiring them to design a 3D artwork, performance or statue for public space. Inspired by the amazing 3D artwork, called Wervel by Nicky Assmann, on show at the parking lot (in the underground), of the Groninger Forum.

January 20th

De Lawei, Drachten (NL)

  • creating workshops Mixed Media, this time using food as one of the most important media, as these workshops were created for students of the hotel and catering industry. For a short impression, click: >>


During the school holidays in 2019

Groninger museum (NL)

Workshops 'looking at art' and 'drawing with light' (photograpy) for children of the junior club and other young visitors of the museum,  age 7 - 12. Adapted to the exhibiton of the American Photographer David LaChapelle. Half a year later Mirjam adapted the workshops to the exhibition of the America glass artist Chihuly. For an impression, click: >>

April and may

De Nassauschool (grammarschool) Groningen (NL)  

Designing and presenting Interactive workshops for all levels of the school     (group 1 - 8), inspired by the famous abstract expressionistic painting, the Victory Boogie Woogie of Piet Mondrian and his art movement, the Style. Finishing with an exhibition, with presentations from all classrooms of the school. The exhibition was called: ”In style”.

March, 20th

OBS (grammarschool) de Uilenburcht in Beerta (NL):

Workshops stop motion for 13 teachers of several schools in the Oldambt municipality. That way they were able to give workshops themselves to their students.  

January - march

K&C Groningen Assen (NL):

Workshops 'Looking at abstract art and perspective" for children of 35 groups 1&2 at 19 grammar schools in the Noordenveld municipality. Inspired by and based on the famous abstract expressionistic painting: Victory Boogie Woogie by Piet Mondrian and his art movement The Style.



Autumn and winter 2017 and spring 2018

Several Grammar schools: OBS de Uilenburcht in Beerta, OBS de Petteflet in Groningen and CBS de Spreng in Drachten (NL):

  • During her post graduate at Art Academy Amsterdam, Mirjam found out how to design workshops art education for children in a playfull way. She started some pilots as a trainee at the several schools mentioned above. From mixed-media workshops till workshops stop motion, filmacting and filmmaking.





Wallhouse #2, Groningen (NL):

  • A lecture about 'love for the city'. In this case New York City - where Mirjam worked and lived for one year - related to the abstract expressionistic painting, the 'Victory Boogie Woogie' of Piet Mondrian. And how several cities and this painting inspired her to make the video 'contact'. Mirjam also explained how this famous painting and an essay of Wassily Kadinsky inspired her to help children looking at abstract art. 


March, 26th

Art gang (Kunstbende), Simplon, Groningen (NL):

  • Mirjam was invited as a member of the jury, for the category Film, during 'the Art Gang' (kunstbende), an art festival to inspire children age 13 - 18 making visual art, cabaret, music or film.



September - december

Artgallery Peter ter Braak, Groningen (NL):

  • Together with Peter ter Braak, Art Trader in Groningen, Mirjam organised a Pop Up weekend exhibition, called 'It's cold outside’,  during Winter Welfare 2015 in Groningen.  For this exhibition she invited 12 other professional visual artist living and/or working in Groningen, to join her in this exhibition.  




Autumn and winter

About Props and Grips, Groningen (NL):

  • Organizing meetings for filmmakers working and/or living in Groningen. For each meeting a filmmaker was invited to give a lecture about his or her work.



Media wisdom

Mirjam Offringa, Groningen (NL): 

  • A research about how a perception of asylum seekers can change, if you meet them personally, instead of staring at them at the news. Therefore Mirjam visited two AZC's (Asylum seekers' centres) to meet several asylum seekers' from different nationalities. A few of them were asked to join her in her new project ‘asylum seekers’ pitch’. She finally photographed people from Afghanistan, Syria, Eritrea, Somalia, Sudan, Servia and Vietnam. They now are part of her workshop letting youth think about prejudice and making them aware of 'media wisdom'. For an impression: >>






HRSNSPNSLS, Groningen (NL):

  • For herself and 11 other visual artist Mirjam organized an exhibition called “HRSNSPNSLS” at the Oosterhamrikkade 5a in Groningen.  The exhitibtion was on show from september till the end of october. Receiving more then 200 visitors at the opening, with a spectacular food performance by artist Lia Brouwer. 



spring 2006

Academy of Arts, Groningen (NL):

Art teacher and mentor of the academy of arts, Minerva, Groningen, Bernadet ten Hove, invited Mirjam to join her and her colleques (Tjibbe Hooghiemstra and Liesbeth Grotenhuis) as member of the panel. To help them select new students, during the evening of admission, for the new school year 2006-2007. 

SINCE 2004


For several productions for film and commercials in Amsterdam and Groningen (NL):

  • Working as a scout and producer for Strawberryfields and LastTuesday and as an assistant of director Joost de Smeth in Groningen since 2008, but also as an assistant of casting director Olaf Kitseroo Casting in Amsterdam in 2004 and 2005. Organizing and guiding large groups of extra's (50-100 extra's) behind the scenes for films, Tv and commercials, in Amsterdam.


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